why play lacrosse

Why Play Lacrosse

It Is Never Too Late To Start Playing Lacrosse

New kids join lacrosse at every age group every year.

Lacrosse in the US is currently one of the fastest growing sports in America. With a faster growth rate than swimming, bowling, water polo, cross country, ice hockey, and soccer, there are 36,000 college lacrosse players in the United States and growing. From 2009 to 2014 the growth rate for lacrosse has been 28%. In 2009, 1,984 high schools across the country had sponsored a lacrosse program, but by 2014, 2,535 high schools across the country had sponsored a lacrosse program. Originally lacrosse was only played on the east coast, but it is starting to make a move out to the middle and west of the United States. 750,000 children across the United States played lacrosse in 2015. For junior league lacrosse, the growth rate has been 43% for boys and girls. Denver became the first non-east coast team in history to make it to the NCAA division 1 finals in 2015. It is never too late to start playing lacrosse.


  • Part of a Team
  • Combines the Skills of Multiple Sports
  • Size Doesn’t Matter!
  • It’s Challenging
  • Helps Your Performance in Other Sports, Too

Why Play Lacrosse

Why You Should Play Lacrosse According to Paul Rabil Co-Founder of The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)

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