lacrosse wall ball routine

How To Improve Your Lacrosse Skills

Wall Ball is and has always been the best way to improve your lacrosse skills. All you need is your lacrosse stick and a tennis or lacrosse ball.

This Wall Ball Routine should take roughly 20 minutes and equate to about 400 touches.

• 50 Right Hand
• 50 Left Hand
• 50 Right Hand Quick Stick
• 50 Left Hand Quick Stick
• 2 5 Throws Each Hand-Throw Right/Catch Left then Throw Left/Catch Right
• 25 Throws Each Hand- Throw Right/Catch Right/Split Dodge then Throw Left/Catch Left/Split Dodge
• 50 Right Hand-Catch and Face Dodge
• 50 Left Hand- Catch and Face Dodge
• 50 Each Hand-Creative Free Play

o Changing planes of release point (side arm, underhand, bounce on
o Throw Behind the back- Throw behind the back and catch in the front
o Catch Behind the back- Throw from the front and attempt to catch behind the back (focus on placement of the throw to have return end in area that you would like to catch the ball)
o Throw ball from sidewall and attempt to catch on the sidewall
o Come up with any other creative style

These can also be done in a competitive manner. Get others to join and select a specific item listed above then challenge to complete the task in the fastest time.

Here is a PDF link to download this Lacrosse Wall Ball Routine