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Gilbert Arizona Youth Lacrosse Clinic

Youth lacrosse clinic for kids in kindergarten through 8th grade to try lacrosse

Arizona Youth Lacrosse Teams are for kids in kindergarten through 8th grade and divided into four age groups.

Exploring the History of Lacrosse

Written by: Anish Shroff
Produced + Edited by: Brett Roberts
Ft. Jeremy Thompson, Kyle Harrison, Rachael DeCecco, Trevor Baptiste

Everyone that knows the origins and the history of the game, shown so nicely here, MUST pass it on to the younger players to carry the honor and traditions on.
why play lacrosse

Why Play Lacrosse

It Is Never Too Late To Start Playing Lacrosse

New kids join lacrosse at every age group every year.

Lacrosse in the US is currently one of the fastest growing sports in America. With a faster growth rate than swimming, bowling, water polo, cross country, ice hockey, and soccer, there are 36,000 college lacrosse players in the United States and growing. From 2009 to 2014 the growth rate for lacrosse has been 28%. In 2009, 1,984 high schools across the country had sponsored a lacrosse program, but by 2014, 2,535 high schools across the country had sponsored a lacrosse program. Originally lacrosse was only played on the east coast, but it is starting to make a move out to the middle and west of the United States. 750,000 children across the United States played lacrosse in 2015. For junior league lacrosse, the growth rate has been 43% for boys and girls. Denver became the first non-east coast team in history to make it to the NCAA division 1 finals in 2015. It is never too late to start playing lacrosse.


  • Part of a Team
  • Combines the Skills of Multiple Sports
  • Size Doesn’t Matter!
  • It’s Challenging
  • Helps Your Performance in Other Sports, Too

Why Play Lacrosse

Why You Should Play Lacrosse According to Paul Rabil Co-Founder of The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)

See what equipment do I need

See how to improve your lacrosse skills

choosing the right lacrosse stick

What Lacrosse Stick Should I Get?

Choosing The Right Lacrosse Stick

With so many lacrosse brands and lacrosse style pockets in the market today, it can be hard to find the best lacrosse stick that meets your skill set.

One of the main things that determines which lacrosse stick you should buy is what position you play.

Learn how to choose the right lacrosse stick, shaft and head for your game in these videos

A lacrosse stick or crosse is used to play the sport of lacrosse. Players use the lacrosse stick to handle the ball and to strike or “check” opposing players’ sticks, causing them to drop the ball.

The three main parts of a lacrosse stick are the lacrosse head, lacrosse shaft, and lacrosse mesh.

Lacrosse Unlimited has a great selection of lacrosse sticks to choose from

9 and under beginner stick Evo Warp Mini

9 and under beginner Stringking complete Jr lacrosse stick

Powell Lacrosse The Scout Complete Youth Stick


Helpful Hints

  • To learn how to throw properly, find a stick that has a wide face for easier catching and flat scoop for ground ball pickups.
  • Wide head makes it easier to master the fundamentals.
  • Aluminum shafts tend to be more durable.
  • New players should check with their coach to see if their head needs to be broken in before play
  • A short stick is used by both attack and midfield players and is much easier to control than a long stick. Its short length makes it easier to dodge defenders and score in a “tight” situation.
  • The long stick is primarily used by defenders, which makes it much easier to poke check and keep the offensive player further away. Goalie sticks have a much larger head that makes it easier to assist in blocking shots.
  • More advanced players will want to use a lacrosse head that allows for more intricate adjustments. This will allow the player to adjust the stick to fit a changing playing style. One aspect of the lacrosse stick that can be adjusted from player to player is pocket depth. Deeper pockets allow for better ball control and shallower pockets are best for quicker release. A player’s pocket depth is up to their personal preference.
lacrosse chest protectors

Lacrosse Chest Protectors

Effective January 1, 2022, shoulder pads for boys’ field lacrosse players must be designed for lacrosse and meet NOCSAE standard ND200.

More Information:

Beginning in 2022, all field players in the boys’/men’s game must have shoulder pads or protectors that meet the NOCSAE performance standard. Manufacturers have already begun to introduce chest protection for boys’ field players into the marketplace. USA Lacrosse encourages field players of all ages to begin using protection as soon as they can, rather than waiting for the 2022 mandate.

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Where to Buy Lacrosse Gear

There are several options to buying lacrosse gear. The most common is Amazon to purchase lacrosse equipment. Here is a link to Amazon

Equipment Review

Lax Drip offers lacrosse gear guides and reviews. You can visit the site here

lacrosse gear and equipment review guide

What Lacrosse Equipment Is Right For Me?

lacrosse gear and equipment review guide

There are lots of options when it comes to boy’s lacrosse equipment. Lax Drip offers lacrosse gear guides and reviews on some of the best lacrosse brands on the market. Here is a link to Lax Drip’s website

There are several options to buying lacrosse gear. The most common is Amazon to purchase lacrosse equipment. Here is a link to Amazon

Lacrosse Unlimited

Powell Lacrosse

Epoch Lacrosse

String King

Universal Lacrosse

Warrior Lacrosse

More on boys’ lacrosse equipment can be found here